Each hat is handcrafted and shipped from our home to you.

We are the Salter family and we want to personally thank you for supporting our small home business. Located in a small country town in the panhandle of Florida tucked away between peanut fields, pastures, and cotton tops as bright as our sandy white beaches, we are building something special thanks to customers like you.
What was once a hobby has turned into a primary business for our family. We hope that you love our products because we put a lot of love into each order. Our son made a beaded necklace that reads "ENJOY THE DAY" so that is our slogan.
So we truly hope that you enjoy the day...each day. Thank you for supporting our small home business.

We are a legit family business and we are so passionate about the products that we make from the shop in our home. Since 2008 we have been building something special that has grown into something incredible.

We are Donnie & Mandy and with our children Ethan & Evelyn we are PG Hat. Co. & Apparel. We have been married for 10 years and reside in Pace, Florida and were both born and raised in the Florida panhandle.

Patriot Graphix is our original business name that is still used today. Our business started in 2008 with web and logo design which is where the Graphix part of our name comes from. As our business grew over the years we transitioned from design work to more apparel jobs specifically shirts and hats. In 2018 we went to one of our favorite places in Florida...KEY WEST! and ran across a small boutique for men and women. We found a hat with a leather patch on it and fell in love with the concept. Once we got back home we worked for several months trying to find our best method to make leather patches for our business.

The momentum built over the next 3 years until things exploded in 2020 producing 10k+ hats that we shipped to every state in addition to a huge local clientele. In order to be recognized as more of a hat and apparel shop we updated our business name to PG Hat. Co & Apparel dropping the Graphix. We still operate as both entities to keep our long standing local brand recognition.

Our business is strictly a husband & wife combo and we are incredibly blessed we can do this together. Donnie worked for an engineering firm for 18 years from 2000-2018. Since Patriot Graphix was started in 2008 there were years of late nights and a lot of hustling and grinding to build something incredible enough to go all in in 2018. Mandy left a Fortune 500 company ranked as a top 20 place to work in the United States in December 2020 to go all in as well.

Together we love God, love our business, our friends, our family, and our business we have built together. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for PG Hat Co. but we owe our many blessings to all of our customers across the country.

Thank you for being part of our story,
Donnie, Mandy, Ethan, Evelyn