FEES: We do not charge for the creation or manipulation of your artwork files for the engraving process. We were designers long before making hats and take pride in our original craft that started our business. You are already using us to purchase your awesome hat. We aren't going to charge you anything else. 

ARTWORK: In order to make your order process as smooth as possible, we ask to have proper file formats to submit during your order or email after your order is placed to [email protected]

.SVG and .AI Files are preferred. Please make sure you convert your text/fonts to outlines. If we do not have the font on file, our software will convert it to the next closest font which may cause your logo to look different. If you cannot convert your text, please send the .TTF file in an email so we can install it.

JPG files are perfectly fine as long as they are high quality and large format so that we can properly convert them. 

.PDF files are also preferred but they need to actual .PDF files and not a .JPG file saved as a .PDF.

PROOFS: We will send a digital proof only upon request. It will look like the one shown on this page for our Stay Rad logo. We only send a digital proof after your purchase is made. Depending on our current workload, a digital proof may not be sent until closer to production time. If you have a straight forward logo that is already setup just like the way you want the patch to look, you most likely do not need to request a proof. This speeds up the entire order process.

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