Leather Wrapped Whiskey Glass w/Coaster



Our custom made-to-order handcrafted leather wrapped whiskey glass and coaster are created with pride and integrity using only the finest materials. All of our products are finished and stitched by hand. Our top grain leather is laser engraved, cut and then sealed to ensure a rich finish that creates a unique and beautifully finished product that is also water resistant.
Our specialized process and care is what sets our leather products apart from the others. All of wraps are sewn in house. Not outsourced.


For the whiskey/bourbon lover that has everything except their own personalized engraved leather wrapped whiskey glass with matching leather engraved coaster.

We only use the finest quality leather for our products. Each piece is made to order and not outsourced. We use top grain rust colored leather hides with a waxy pull-up that gives each wrapped piece it’s own unique look just like a single barrel of whiskey that has its own unique taste. The leather piece is individually cut from a hide of leather then laser engraved with the name of your choice, date born, and aged years based on birthday. Because deep down we are all an Old Fashioned something or other…right?

This is for a single leather wrapped glass with matching leather coaster with the option to add on additional glasses.

We are genuine whiskey lovers ourselves so when we developed this package we built it around something we would imagine sitting amongst a beautiful bourbon collection, a wedding cabinet or inside your favorite classy bar.

Engraved with OLD FASHIONED then the name of your choice where “DONALD” reads. Aged “X” years based on the EST. DATE (birth year)

11 oz. short whiskey glass wrapped with same custom. Leather wrap is hand stitched and can be removed to wash the glass.

Matching leather coaster with same custom engraving as glass wrap.

We use a leather sheen to help seal and protect not only the leather but also the char (see that whiskey term from a charred barrel) from the laser engraving. Please do not rub the engraving with your thumbs or fingers.

**IMPORTANT** Like all leather getting wet, we advise not to stick the leather inside a dishwasher. You wouldn’t put your leather wallet in the washing machine would you? The leather can get wet but we advise not submerging it for extended periods of time. We tested our own set before listing these for sale and have removed the wrap by sliding it off and on dozens of times over the course of a few months. It will loosen slightly because leather does stretch but it still remains snug and tight. The more the leather is handled the more vintage it looks over time just like a baseball glove.

We take extreme pride in our work. That is why we have this exact same set inside our medicine cabinet…whiskey cabinet. We take whiskey seriously and we take this seriously. So seriously…this is the perfect gift for your husband, wife, boss, grandmother, bride, groom, grandfather, great grandfather, babymooner, graduate, BF, GF, BFF, GFF, or your kids teacher at school. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or advice on a nice whiskey/bourbon to go with it.

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